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Holy cra-moly... you really want to prove yourself. Okay, you and me, mind to mind. No childish guessing games this time! But the clues are all there... if you have the astute eye to spot the cryptic hints and the logical smarts to piece them together.

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Forced Order
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Hendrix reborn - Shredder - The inhuman achievement
Kifflom! - Three man army - American dream
Adamant will - Gyshal wreath - Limit breaker
Clever girl - Intellectually Superior - A survivor is born
Holocron collector - Corellian star - Bossk
Perfect knight - Twice nightly - AR knight
Pturretdactyl - Schrödinger's catch - You saved science
Tristesse - Grande Valse Brilliante - Fantaisie-Impromptu
Manual master - The daily grind - Hit all of the gaps
Bales of steel - Timber! - Numismatist
Elementary - Master of deduction - Pea-souper
Little Sister saviour - Quality research photo - Hacked a vending machine
I can see your house from here! - Arrivederci Aspergo - The Merchant of Venice
King of the jungle - A good man is hard to find - Like a boss
Zed's dead, baby - Chupathingy - Mad Marston: The Trail Warrior
Scanproof - Stealth Cookie - Black hat trick
Shoot first - Strike me down - Did I break your concentration?
Time to strike! - Time to farm! - Time to mine!
Master and commander - To conquer shattered spirits - March of the Red Army
Miracle of Light - The Hope of a promise - A legend from times past
Vault 101 Citizenship Award - The power of the atom - Yes, I play with dolls
I can has cake? - A true horseman - Death will tear us apart
REEEWIINNNNDD!!! - The gift of music - Super scratchin'

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