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Can you name the the Full-Time Holy Cross Professors (L-Z)?

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DepartmentNameGraduate School
Religious StudiesPontifical Biblical Institute in Rome
Political ScienceColumbia University
ClassicsPrinceton University
HistoryBoston University
PhilosophyUniversity of Tubingen
BiologyRockefeller University
Sociology and AnthropologyUniversity of Oregon
Sociology and AnthropologyHarvard University
Mathematics and Computer ScienceBrown University
Spanish, DeanBrown University
Religious StudiesColumbia University
Political SciencePrinceton University
MusicYale University
History, Study AbroadUniversity of Chicago
ChemistryUniversity of Pittsburgh
Mathematics and Computer ScienceYale University
PsychologyFordham University
PsychologyUniversity of Michigan
EnglishStanford University
PhilosophyBoston College
ClassicsHarvard University
Economics and AccountingUniversity of Minnesota
English, CISSIndiana University
EnglishUniversity of Michigan
HistoryRutgers University
HistoryDuke University
ChemistryHarvard University
BiologyUniversity of Washington
EnglishBrandeis University
EnglishBoston University
HistoryUniversity of Minnesota
Religious StudiesHarvard University
ClassicsHarvard University
PhysicsUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison
Economics and AccountingDuke University
Sociology and AnthropologyCornell University
BiologyUniversity of Arizona
DepartmentNameGraduate School
Economics and AccountingUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst
HistoryColumbia University
EnglishYale University
PhysicsHarvard University
Visual ArtsUniversity of New Mexico
ClassicsUniversity of Michigan
ChemistryUniversity of Liverpool
EnglishColumbia University
Religious StudiesUniversity of Notre Dame
HistoryUniversity of Notre Dame
BiologyUniversity of Florida
ChemistryUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison
Visual ArtsYale University
Economics and AccountingYale University
Visual ArtsOhio University
EnglishUniversity of Arizona
Religious StudiesVanderbilt University
Political ScienceMichigan State University
EnglishUniversity of Chicago
Visual ArtsUniversity of Minnesota, Minneapolis
PhysicsYale University
Mathematics and Computer ScienceNorthwestern University
Mathematics and Computer ScienceBoston University
Religious StudiesBoston College
Sociology and AnthropologyUniversity of Chicago
Political ScienceBoston University
ChineseUniversity of Michigan
PhysicsUniversity of Colorado
Mathematics and Computer ScienceUniversity of California, San Francisco
Economics and AccountingUniversity of Southern California
Economics and AccountingSuffolk University
Political ScienceUniversity of Chicago
Political ScienceFordham University
Economics and AccountingWashington University
FrenchOhio State University
Religious StudiesUniversity of Chicago
PsychologyUniversity of Connecticut
DepartmentNameGraduate School
Visual ArtsPennsylvania State University
GermanUniversity of Virginia
ChemistryBoston College
BiologyJohn Hopkins University
PhysicsBrown University
PhilosophyVanderbilt University
ClassicsUniversity of California, Berkeley
Mathematics and Computer ScienceUniversity of Arizona
BiologyCornell University
ItalianIndiana University
EnglishDuke University
PhilosophyGeorgetown University
SpanishUniversity of Michigan
PhilosophyUniversity of Tubingen
Sociology and AnthropologyHarvard University
Economics and AccountingColumbia University
EnglishBrown University
Economics and AccountingUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst
Political ScienceJohns Hopkins University
Sociology and AnthropologyCase Western Reserve University
HistoryUniversity of Michigan
SpanishUniversity of Connecticut
BiologyUniversity of Connecticut
Chemistry, DeanMassachusetts Institute of Technology
TheatreStanford University
MusicCornell University
BiologyHarvard University
PsychologyOhio University
HistoryColumbia University
EnglishYale University
Psychology, DeanWashington University
HistoryUniversity of Cambridge
PhysicsUniversity of Connecticut
Sociology and AnthropologyDuke University
HistoryDuke University
Visual ArtsBrown University

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