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Can you name the answers to these facts about the PBS Kids classic show 'Arthur'?

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What is Arthur's last name?
What is Arthur's baby sister's name?
Where does Arthur live?
How old is Arthur?
What is Arthur's dog's name?
Muffy Crosswire and Francine Frensky are both what animal?
Where does Arthur go to school?
Arthur is the second-longest running show on PBS Kids, meaning that it's behind what show?
In what year did this television show first air?
What is Arthur's mother's name?
What is Arthur's bunny friend's name?
What is Arthur's sister's name?
What is Arthur's theme song?
What school is Lakewood Elementary's rival?
What is Arthur's father's name?
In Arthur, Crown City is said to be a fictional representation of what city?
What is the Brain's real name?
The Arthur show has won what award four times?
What is Arthur's teacher's name?
Who is Arthur's main creator?

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