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A woman seeks revenge by beating up her ex's car and roaming the streets of Nashville in the late ours of the nightBefore He Cheats
A woman explores the house she grew up in, where her favorite dog was buried and she learned to play guitar The House That Built Me
Soldier and wife love eachother; soldier leaves for deployment; comes back to find wife with another man; they both die, but then come back to life at the endWhiskey Lullaby
A mother is abused and burns her house to the ground; a little girl goes to a parade; comes back to find house burning with mother insideIndependence Day
A girl who wears t-shirts, sneakers and glasses likes a boy that likes her back; boy has a girlfriend who wears short skirts and high heels; boy and glasses girl fall in loveYou Belong With Me
A high school football player finds out he's expecting with his girlfriend; baby changes his life; baby grows up and leaves homeThere Goes My Life
A bed in the middle of a desert; a woman is wrapped in the silk sheets on the bed throughout the dayBreathe
A preacher's daughter falls in love with a boy with a motorcycle; runs off with himGod Love Her
Highlights from important and groundbreaking events throughout history are playedThe Dance
A man rides a horse through the desert in search of finding a certain womanMy Maria

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