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Number of episodes
Youngest actor (b. 1969)
Female friend's surname beginning with 'B'
Friends married to each other (no divorce)
Ross's monkey
Location (hometown of 'Friends')
Debut year
Mr. Geller's first name (not Ross)
Number of categories Monica's towels have
Rachel's former residence (part of town)
Joey's profession
Ross and Rachel's daughter
Met in college
Theme song
Friends who are also brother and sister
Chandler's middle name
Phoebe's sister
Joey and Chandler's birds
Monica's profession
Which male friend's name isn't Matthew in reality
Oldest child belonging to the friends
Who Rachel left at the altar (season 1 opener)
Ross's first wife
Second oldest actor (b. 1964)
Famous hangout location
Friend who never married
Youngest female actor
Phoebe's song about the cat
Number of babies born on the show
Marries both Chandler and Monica, Mike and Phoebe
Italian male actor
What Monica gets stung by
Rachel's surname
Neighbor that died in the show
Ross's second wife
Chandler's surname
Bruce Springsteen music video star (1984)
Number of seasons
Friends who do NOT live in the two apartments
Oldest actor (b. 1963)
Ross's third wife
friends who once worked in the coffee shop
Friends from high school
Final year (year the last season aired)
Mrs. Geller's first name
Number of children Monica and Chandler have
Manager of Central Perk
One of Joey's sisters
Friend who specializes in massaging
Tallest friend (David Schwimmer)

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