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Can you name the four letter words described before the time runs out???*

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A type of cooked steak
Your friends aren't your friends if they don't...
Things you drive
An event in gymnastics
A mammal found in caves
A type of fish
An object in a popular ball game
A music corporation
To make a hole
Your feet when you don't wear shoes
A rabbit
What you eat
Different types of feelings
Disgusting thing often found in wet places
It's not too hot, it's too...
Nat King ____
Nicole Kidman's movie 'Rabbit ____'
A thing on the bottom of your shoe
Saturday morning: a good time to find a yard...
A ____ of hay
A leafy vegetable
Opposite of female
What professional drivers do
A grain
A bug on the head
What you do to a lollipop
Cold, cough, chicken pox
An item of clothing that goes on your feet
stuck between a ____ and a hard place
Something you'll find on a gate or door
By chance
A male deer or dollar
A body part

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