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Can you name the 100 Greatest Movies of the 2000's?

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2003Elijah Wood
2002Alexandre Rodrigues
2000Chow Yun-Fat
2002Adrien Brody
2006Leonardo DiCaprio
2003Sean Penn
2007Tommy Lee Jones
2006Ariadna Gil
2005Heath Ledger
2001Elijah Wood
2007Daniel Day-Lewis
2000Michael Douglas
2007Mathieu Amalric
2000Russell Crowe
2000Wu Nien-Jen
2009Jeremy Renner
2006Ken Watanabe
2009Sam Worthington
2001Naomi Watts
2002Elijah Wood
2006Clive Owen
2002Renee Zellweger
2008Dev Patel
2005Philip Seymour Hoffman
2003Bill Murray
2001Nicole Kidman
2004Paul Giamatti
2001Rumi Hiiragi (animated)
2001Russell Crowe
2004Jim Carrey
2004Clint Eastwood
2008Christian Bale
2009Gabourey Sidibe
2005Sandra Bullock
2004Jamie Foxx
2002Leonardo DiCaprio
2004Leonardo DiCaprio
2005Eric Bana
2009Brad Pitt
2000Maggie Cheung
2001Mike Myers (animated)
2000Kate Hudson
2000Guy Pearce
2006Brad Pitt
2001Daniel Radcliffe
2003Russell Crowe
2002Javier Camara
2004Daniel Radcliffe
2005Russell Crowe
2002Nicolas Cage
2009Ed Asner (animated)
2002Nicole Kidman
2005Keira Knightley
2004Don Cheadle
2005Joaquin Phoenix
2000George Clooney
2003Johnny Depp
2001Maggie Smith
2005David Strathairn
2006Greg Kinnear
2002Daniel Radcliffe
2003Min-sik Choi
2005Hayden Christensen
2003Tobey Maguire
2007Vallo Kirs
2007Anamaria Marinca
2009Jeff Bridges
2004James Caviezel
2004Tobey Maguire
2001Gene Hackman
2007Keira Knightley
2008Ben Burtt (animated)
2000Javier Bardem
2003Uma Thurman
2004Uma Thurman
2008Brad Pitt
2003Sean Penn
2001Audrey Tautou
2008Frank Langella
2007Johnny Depp
2001Jake Gyllenhaal
2004Tom Cruise
2002Tobey Maguire
2008Mickey Rourke
2001Halle Berry
2001Josh Hartnett
2001Tom Wilkinson
2000Tom Hanks
2009Sandra Bullock
2005Viggo Mortensen
2001Nicole Kidman
2003Albert Brooks (animated)
2006Hugh Jackman
2004Ethan Hawke
2003Jude Law
2000Julia Roberts
2009Carey Mulligan
2004Johnny Depp
2005Ralph Fiennes

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