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1927His solo New York-Paris flight made him a legend
1928Rocked Detroit by buying Dodge and unveiling a new line, Plymouth
1929U.S. businessman chaired second post-war Reparations Conference
1930The pacifist mobilized India to pursue its independence
1931His energy and vision restored France to the center of world events
1932Takes over as President for nation facing economic calamity
1933National Recovery Administrator works tirelessly to revive America's economy
1934The President battles the Depression
1935Ethiopia's king fought an incursion by Italy's strongman, Mussolini
1936Shook the British crown with her new husband, once King Edward VIII
1937*Japan's invasion of China imperiled them as 'Man and Woman of the Year'
1938His figure strode over Europe with all the swagger of a conqueror
1939Paved the way for Hitler's war by signing secret pact with old enemy
1940Britain stood firm against Hitler, who conquered five nations
1941Faced two potent foes after preparing reluctant U.S. for battleFaced two potent foes after preparing reluctant U.S. for battleFaced two potent foes after preparing reluctant U.S. for battle
1942The U.S.'s new ally in war against Hitler
1943Oversaw vast war effort on two fronts
1944Rolled back Germans after leading Allies into France
1945Answered critics and proved his mettle
1946First Secretary of State to face the Cold War
1947Secretary of State oversaw visionary Marshall Plan
1948'Gave 'em hell' with stunning victory over Tom Dewey
1949Named Man of the Half-Century
1950*Marched into history as cold war heats up in Korea
1951Rallied short-lived anti-Western government in Iran
1952Her coronation ushered in a new era for Britain
1953Forced war-shattered West Germany to face the future
1954Secretary of State brought 'brinksmanship' to Cold War Lexicon
1955Helped steer U.S. into new age of wide-open affluence
1956Launched first revolt behind Soviet's 'Iron Curtain'
1957Scored an immense propaganda victory over U.S. with launch of Sputnik
1958Crisis in Algeria brought WWII hero back to power in France
1959Rallied NATO allies by facing up to high-flying Khrushchev
1960*Scored inpressive gains while struggling to keep pace with Soviets
1961Won battle for White House against Richard Nixon
1962Opened the windows of his age-old Church, sparks revolution
1963Led civil rights cause by arming troops with dreams and oratory
1964President began to forge his Great Society
1965Oversaw struggling U.S. grunts in Vietnam
1966*They shook up society, trusted no one over 30
1967Vietnam turned him from architect of social reform into embattled leader
1968*Led the way as race to moon enters final lap
1969*Their silent but newly felt presence began to shape course of nation
1970West German tried to bring about enlarged, united Western Europe
1971Opened China's door, devalued the dollar, quelled antiwar protest
1972*Master diplomats talked detente with U.S.S.R., visited Mao
1973Broke Watergate open by pursuing truth in the White House
1974Saudi led OPEC price hikes that roiled world markets
1975*Refusing to play second-fiddle, they asserted their equality
1976Played outsider status into successful run for White House
1977Dared greatly with surprise peace gambit and trip to Israel
1978Brought stability to China, long racked by extremism
1979Rarely has so improbable a leader shaken the world
1980Americas leaned right, and The Great Communicator was born
1981Solidarity leader struck first blows against Kremlin's empire
1982*TIME anticipated a revolution
1983Deadlock failed to de-escalate Cold War missile race
1984Married Big Business to the Olympics with profitable L.A. Games
1985Reshaped China by embracing free-market reforms
1986Led peaceful revolution that ended Marcos years in Philippines
1987Shattered Soviet lethargy
1988Jumpstarted a new era of environmental activism
1989'Man of the Decade' became patron of change
1990President acted decisively abroad; waffles at home
1991His Cable News Network revolutionized news coverage
1992Wonder boy from Hope, Ark., broke 12 years of G.O.P. control of White House
1993*Mandela, De Klerk, Rabin and Arafat found ways to break out from prisons of war
1994Pope traveled the globe to express his conservative views
1995Speaker of the House spearheaded G.O.P.'s sweeping congressional victory
1996AIDS researcher pioneered treatment for deadly disease
1997Intel CEO helps led digital revolution
1998President, independent counselor waged public battle
1999Amazon.com founder changed face of business
200041's son elected President in the most controversial fashion
2001New York mayor leads with his heart after 9/11 attacks
2002*Women who blew the whistle on Worldcom, Enron and the FBI
2003*The face of America, its might and good will, in a region unused to democracy
2004Reshaped the rules of politics to fit his ten-gallon style
2005*For being shrewd about doing good, for rewiring politics and re-engineering justice, for making mercy smarter and hope strategic and then daring the rest of us to follow
2006*Controled the Information Age. Welcome to your world.
2007Brought political stability and re-established the rule of law in Russia
2008Overcame a lack of experience and two candidates who were political institutions to become the 44th President of the United States
2009Man who ran the Federal Reserve prevented an economic catastrophe

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