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A long movie that was basically Pocahontas played by Halo characters.
Alfred Hitchcock horror masterpeice accredited with signifying the birth of the slasher movie.
All scenes are incredibly funny, except for the one Green Day appears.
An event where powerful communist forces invade a nation, particularly via parachute.
Not down.
Full of drinking, punching, blackjack, naked Asians, cops, strippers, and Mike Tyson.
If you're fat, you will be the first victim in (movie name).
The Bride's ultimate goal in the movies of the same name.
The word the Knights of Ni cannot hear or say.
A cheap and blatant Disney rip-off of Grease that for some reason a bunch of kids like.
The implantation of an idea deep in the subconscious that will bear future results.
No one can be told what it really is. You have to see it for yourself.
A cult Spanish fantasy film released in 2006.
It means when you are determined to do something, similar to Bruce Willis.
I'm not supposed to talk about it and neither are you.
People or things that one would expect or anticipate.
Anything to do with Clint Eastwood. A wicked sweet car.
A play in which a barber shaves people, kills them, and makes them into pies.
To yell a loud word or phrase, in context, and kick someone down stairs or off some kind of edge.
A large green ogre. With a donkey friend.

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