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Can you name the Factors of Capital Investment?

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Body part that sounds like the letter representing Capital lnvestment
Improved Products brought to the market (Factor)
When new technology arrives firms can produce more _________
Therefore Demand _____ when new technology arrives
Otherwise firms will be less productive than their ________
And they will not be able to produce goods as _________
With (Question 2), Capital Investment will
Cost of equipment (Factor)
The rules of ______ ___ _______ apply to this factor
If the cost rises demand will _____
If the cost falls demand will _____
Firms are more likely to buy goods at the ________ price possible to acheive maximum net profits
With a reduction in the (Question 8), Capital Investment _______
Current Number One test nation
Teams in top 1 test playing nations
Only Team who can claim to be number one ranked test nation
Player with the most career test runs
Country ranked 135th in the Human Development Index

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