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Can you name the Longest Combined Reigns for WWE Titles

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Rank and TitleSuperstarDays as Champion
1- Intercontinental Title619
2- Intercontinental Title541
3- Intercontinental Title454
4- Intercontinental Title443
5- Intercontinental Title437
6- Intercontinental Title432
7- Intercontinental Title414
8- Intercontinental Title410
9- Intercontinental Title406
10- Intercontinental Title406
11- Intercontinental Title354
12- Intercontinental Title339
13- Intercontinental Title329
14- Intercontinental Title298
15- Intercontinental Title290
Rank and TitleSuperstarDays as Champion
1- WWE Championship4,040
2- WWE Championship2,185
3- WWE Championship2,138
4- WWE Championship1,191
5- WWE Championship1,027
6- WWE Championship654
7- WWE Championship539
8- WWE Championship529
9- WWE Championship520
10- WWE Championship486
11- WWE Championship462
12- WWE Championship396
13- WWE Championship367
14- WWE Championship358
15- WWE Championship355
Rank and TitleSuperstarDays as Champion
1- World Heavyweight Championship616
2- World Heavyweight Championship507
3- World Heavyweight Championship409
4- World Heavyweight Championship223
5- World Heavyweight Championship210
6- World Heavyweight Championship207
7- World Heavyweight Championship160
8- World Heavyweight Championship154
9- World Heavyweight Championship154
10- World Heavyweight Championship143
11- World Heavyweight Championship140
12- World Heavyweight Championship138
13- World Heavyweight Championship126
14- World Heavyweight Championship106
15- World Heavyweight Championship105
Rank and TitleSuperstarDays as Champion
1- WWE Cruiserweight Championship532
2- WWE Cruiserweight Championship483
3- WWE Cruiserweight Championship431
4- WWE Cruiserweight Championship334
5- WWE Cruiserweight Championship283
6- WWE Cruiserweight Championship231
7- WWE Cruiserweight Championship196
8- WWE Cruiserweight Championship188
9- WWE Cruiserweight Championship171
10- WWE Cruiserweight Championship147
11- WWE Cruiserweight Championship138
12- WWE Cruiserweight Championship126
13- WWE Cruiserweight Championship114
14- WWE Cruiserweight Championship100
15- WWE Cruiserweight Championship91
Rank and TitleSuperstarDays as Champion
1- WWE Hardcore Championship172
2- WWE Hardcore Championship154
3- WWE Hardcore Championship134
4- WWE Hardcore Championship129
5- WWE Hardcore Championship108
6- WWE Hardcore Championship94
7- WWE Hardcore Championship58
8- WWE Hardcore Championship58
9- WWE Hardcore Championship56
10- WWE Hardcore Championship49
11- WWE Hardcore Championship49
12- WWE Hardcore Championship48
13- WWE Hardcore Championship35
14- WWE Hardcore Championship31
15- WWE Hardcore Championship29
Rank and TitleSuperstarDays as Champion
1- WWE Women's Championship10,778
2- WWE Women's Championship828
3- WWE Women's Championship539
4- WWE Women's Championship451
5- WWE Women's Championship449
6- WWE Women's Championship441
7- WWE Women's Championship367
8- WWE Women's Championship367
9- WWE Women's Championship331
10- WWE Women's Championship301
11- WWE Women's Championship279
12- WWE Women's Championship278
13- WWE Women's Championship244
14- WWE Women's Championship214
15- WWE Women's Championship176

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