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What year did the revolution start?
Who was the dictator they wanted to overthrow?
What was the name of the group led by Fidel Castro?
Which barracks did Fidel attack in 1953?
What famous words did Fidel say in his defense at his trial?
In what year were Fidel and Raul released from prison?
What was the name of the group that opposed both Fidel and Batista?
In which country did the Cuban exiles gather before boarding the yacht?
Which Argentinian revolutionary joined them in Mexico?
On which yacht did the revolutionaries arrive in Cube?
How many men were aboard the yacht?
What were the mountains which the rebels retreated to called?
In which year did Operation Verano occur?
What did Fidel ask for to buy time to escape with his troops?
How many rebel columns were sent west to Santa Clara?
Who led the column that was ambushed and destroyed?
After winning a battle, who was known as 'The Hero of Yaguajay'?
When did Batista flee Cuba?
After losing which battle did Batista flee Cuba?
To which country did Batista flee?
When did Fidel arrive in Havana?

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