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What was the first conflict of the American revolution? (HINT: Shot heard round the world)
What was the nickname for the Continental militia men that were ready within a minute's notice?
The Americans asked the French to join the war on their side, what finally convinced them? (HINT: Battle)
Was the Boston massacre the colonists fault, or the British's fault?
What did the colonists dress up as in the Boston tea party?
Where did the 'Crossing the Delaware' battle occur?
What was the type of warfare called that the Americans used against the British?
What did each American colony form to help defend there homeland?
What invention help make muskets more accurate by making a spiral barrel instead of a smooth barrel?
Who was the general that surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown?
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What state had the most conflicts occur before and during the war? (HINT: Northern colony)
What was the name of the German officer that help train American troops new tactics and fighting styles at Valley Forge?
Who was decided to write the Declaration of Independence? (HINT: Future president)
What officer in the French and Indian war was an American general in the American Revolution?
What did Benjamin Franklin suggest as the Nation's Bird?
Who was assigned to fix the national debt after the war?
Who killed Alexander Hamilton in the most famous duel in American history?
What country sold the Louisisana territory to America?
When was the Bill of Rights signed?
What was the expedition called that was sent out to explore the Louisiana territory from 1804 to 1806?

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