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Can you name Rotten Tomatoes' 100 Greatest Characters of the Decade (2000-2009)?

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1. Sacha Baron CohenThe world's favorite Kazakh journalist whose cultural learnings of America brought untold mirth to millions at the expense of those who're a little bit redneck/homophobic/anti-Semitic/douchey.
2. Heath LedgerDeranged sociopath in clown makeup on a mission to bring elementary chaos to Gotham.
3. Daniel Day-LewisRapacious early 20th Century oil-man locked in deadly battle with the Earth itself, God's minion and his own black soul.
4. Ben Burtt*The lonely little waste disposal robot left behind on a desolate, junk-pile Earth.
5. Audrey TautouThe ultimate manic pixie dream girl -- she didn't just save just one brooding male soul, but ignited the passion and warmth of all of Paris and made hearts around the world beat faster.
6. Andy SerkisFormer Hobbit turned gnarled, schizoid cave dweller thanks to his obsession with the Ring of power.
7. Will FerrellSan Diego's reigning news anchor and chauvinist, he's about to get the shock of his life when the network pairs him with a female co-host.
8. Uma ThurmanThe betrayed former member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad now on a roaring rampage of revenge against her former colleagues and her boss and lover, Bill.
9. Ellen PageSmart-mouthed, pop-culture obsessed high schooler who gets pregnant and decides to have the baby for adoption.
10. Johnny DeppPart camp Disney villain, part Keith Richards, the mincing, drunken buccaneer in swarthy command of the pirate ship The Black Pearl.
11. Robert Downey Jr.Awards-chasing, super serious Australian actor who undergoes the ultimate Method Man transformation for his role as an African-American soldier -- he has his skin pigmented black.
12. Christian BaleThe ultra slick and ultra sick 1980s yuppie taking out his frustrations on Wall Street via his work in murders and assassinations -- or are his evil doings merely a hallucinatory by-product of the soul-destroying business of mergers and acquisitions?
13. Jake GyllenhaalSchizophrenic teen who has visions of a giant rabbit telling him the end of the world.
14. Ben StillerMale model extraordinaire at the end of his fame is recruited on a dangerous -- and extremely silly -- mission of fashion sabotage.
15. Mickey RourkeBeaten-down former wrestling hero giving glory one more shot -- if only he can overcome his most fearsome nemesis: himself.
16. Cate Blanchett (and five others)Folk-singer. Rocker 'n' roller. Poet. Total mystery -- especially as portrayed by six different actors.
17. Meryl StreepHigh fashion priestess and icy editor of Vogue-like magazine Runway.
18. Javier BardemHe may look like a Beatles-haired hitman with a cattlegun but he's really the inhuman embodiment of inescapable, implacable fate.
19. Mathieu AmalricFrench Vogue editor who suffers a stroke that leaves his consciousness 'locked in' to an immobile body whose only movement is an eyelid -- which he then uses to 'dictate' his memoir.
20. Forest WhitakerDespotic Ugandan tyrant manipulating his young Scottish doctor against his enemies.
21. Doug JonesMinion of the underworld who guides young princess Ofelia through her magical challenges on Earth.
22. Bill MurrayMiddle-aged American actor stumbling bemused through Tokyo while there shooting whiskey commercials.
23. Eric BanaHeavily tattooed, lightly eared Aussie criminal and standover (mad)man.
24. Hugh JackmanHirsute bezerker rescued by the X-Men to become one of their finest.
25. Jim CarreyJilted schmoe who, in retaliation for his ex-girlfriend Clementine's dabbling in memory erasure, sets out to have his recollections about her erased -- only to discover he wants to hang onto life's joys and pains.
26. Christopher Mintz-PlasseA nerdburger so complete he makes Eddie Deezen look like Brad Pitt: that is, until he hooks up with some crazy cops -- who take his fake ID at ridiculous face value -- and take him on a series of rad-ventures.
27. Ian McKellenFriendly Middle Earth wizard who guides Frodo and Co. in all matters ring-worthy
28. Cristoph WaltzThe Jew Hunter who takes glee in his Nazi business, but who isn't above cutting a side deal that'll see him win WWII -- for himself.
29. Daniel RadcliffeThe Boy Wizard of Hogwarts.
30. Thora BirchAcidic teenager drifting through the underbelly of dead-end Los Angeles suburbia.
31. BjörkHalf-blind factory worker immigrant who escapes her predicament by imagining her life in musicals.
32. Gene HackmanEccentric patriarch who attempts to make amends with his equally eccentric family after learning he may be dying.
33. Lina LeanderssonThe wan little 12-year-old girl who lives in the playground equipment -- and who can tear the throats out of men and the heads off teenage bullies.
34. Edward Asner*The 78-year-old grouch whose grumpiness we perfectly understand -- just as understand his mad desire to finally realize his dream by floating his home away to Paradise Falls.
35. Ben KingsleySociopathic British criminal with a chip on his shoulder the size of Scotland who turns up in Spain to try to enlist his old comrade-in-crime in a heist.
36. Sean PennCalifornian civil activist who became the first openly gay man elected to government -- and was then shot dead.
37. Laura HarringHollywood actress suffering amnesia who partners up with a naive hopeful to unravel the mystery... or are they the same person?
38. Ellen DeGeneres*The fish -- a regal tang, for all you piscatorial pedants out there -- with a big heart and a bigger hole where her short-term memory should be.
39. Jon HederThe ultimate midwestern dork, his way with drawing a Liger is unparalleled.
40. Ziyi ZhangHigh-flying wire-fu teenage rebel who wields a mysterious stolen sword -- and an attitude to match.
41. Heath LedgerGruff cowpoke who heads up the mountain to rustle sheep with his buddy Jack Twist -- beginning a lifelong romance they can never reveal.
42. Rumi Hiiragi/Daveigh Chase*Moody little girl who wanders away from her family and into a strange land of witches, dragons and stink gods.
43. Adam SandlerBorderline psychotic bathroom tap salesman/frozen pudding collector who falls head over heels for a socially challenged woman in this oddball romance.
44. Guy PearceFormer insurance fraud investigator searching for answers and vengeance after a burglary left his wife dead -- and him with an amnesiac condition that prevents him forming new memories.
45. Brad PittThe sad miracle of nature born a wizened octogenarian, who gets younger with every passing day.
46. Johnny DeppLondon barber unjustly imprisoned and out for revenge -- via song and slitting the throats of humanity.
47. Isabelle HuppertStern piano instructor with a repressed sexual appetite that manifests itself in grisly acts self-harm
48. Viggo MortensenSmall-town everyman whose life is upended after he shoots a professional killer in self-defense.
49. Christian BaleBorn to the manor, made a man in the Himalayas, self-made a [character] in Gotham.
50. Will FerrellA man who grew up with elves believing himself to be one -- until he heads to New York in search of his real father.
51. Sam WorthingtonParalyzed US marine who gets a new lease on life -- and legs -- as a nine-foot tall Na'vi-human hybrid on Pandora.
52. Shane JacobsonCuddly Aussie bloke who humbly goes about his job as portable toilet guy, revealing himself to truly be the 'Dalai Lama of Waste Management'.
53. Phillip Seymour HoffmanThe larger-than-life, arrogantly flawed genius who made his name with the breakthrough non-fiction book In Cold Blood, which documented grisly American murder and the path the killers took to their executions.
54. Min-sik ChoiSouth Korean businessman mysteriously imprisoned for 15 years only to be set free so he can become implacable revenge warrior.
55. Daniel CraigNewly minted 00 agent given his first big job, which involves... playing cards really, really well.
56. John Cameron MitchellEast German transexual punk rocker hits the road in the US -- where she runs into the dude who stole all her music.
57. Mike Myers*Everyone's favorite green giant with the gruff manner and the good heart, that beats strongest for pug-nosed Princess Fiona.
58. Robert Downey Jr.Billionaire wise-ass playboy kidnapped by terrorists and forced to build a superhero suit to escape -- thus transforming into [character].
59. Reese WitherspoonJilted sorority princess follows her ex to law school where here naive ways turn her into an unlikely legal eagle.
60. Bill MurrayRed beanie loving oceanographer out to disprove his sceptics by finding the legendary 'jaguar shark' that killed his team mate.
61. Paul GiamattiUnderground American comic book artist slaving away at a monotonous filing job while keeping his passion.
62. Russel CroweFormer Roman general determined to end Emperor Commodus for the latter's murder of his family.
63. Ulrich MüheIcy-cold East German surveillance expert who comes to question his obedience to totalitarianism when his spying reveals the morality and goodness of his subjects.
64. Mélanie LaurentFrench-Jewish cinema owner who plots bloody revenge against the Nazis after her family was murdered.
65. Tobey MaguireFriendly neighbourhood geek who, thanks to the bite of a super spider, turns into a muscle-bound, web-slinging and gravity-defying neighbourhood superhero.
66. Denzel WashingtonThe ultimate street-smart cop who has crossed over to the dark side -- and who wants to take everyone with him.
67. Takuya Kimura/Christian Bale*Shape-shifting, vanity-prone wizard who rescues a cursed girl in his trans-dimensional castle.
68. Matt DamonSuper-dooper secret agent who was betrayed and blown away, only to live another day, albeit with a memory that only returns over the course of three films.
69. Charlize TheronThe white-trash, hard-livin' hooker who, sick of her clients beating her, starts murderering them -- and finds it's the line of work she digs the most.
70. Patton Oswalt*The unlikely little rodent who proved 'anyone can cook' to become the star chef in a French restaurant.
71. Nicolas CageHot meta-screenwriter suffering writer's block while trying to adapt a difficult novel, while his twin brother -- or is he a figment of his imagination? -- coasts to success on hacky formulae.
72. Sam RockwellThe lonesome astronaut stationed on the lunar surface who discovers that he's not losing his mind so much as gaining a few.
73. Dakota Fanning*Inquisitive, plucky stop-motion girl who gets more than she wished for when she discovers an 'other' world literally too good to be true.
74. Steve CarellThe ultimate well-meaning nerd who has an extensive action-figure collection and precisely zero experience in the ways of love.
75. Reneé ZellwegerBrash, weight-challenged thirtysomething office worker who lands herself in a predicament when her boss and a charming barrister vie for her affections.
76. Craig T. Nelson*Former superhero sued into retirement by an ungrateful populace who has grown into a fat and frustrated family man -- until he's called back into the fray.
77. Charlotte GainsburgGrieving mother who retreats to the idyllic woods -- only to turn husband-impaling, self-mutilating root of all things Evil. Maybe.
78. Julia RobertsUnemployed single mother who becomes a legal assistant and finds herself taking on a corporation polluting the water supply.
79. Billy Bob ThorntonMisanthropic drunk with a fondness for ladies' bottoms who each Christmas takes a Santa job to get insider-access for a mall-robbery job.
80. Jackie Earle HaleyMasked vigilante whose sense of right and wrong extends to world extinction, if necessary.
81. Amy AdamsEternally sunny cartoon princess made flesh and blood in cold and uncaring New York.
82. Tom CruiseRemorseless hitman who hires an LA cabbie -- at gunpoint -- to drive him around for a night while he dispatches his targets.
83. Ron PerlmanCigar-chomping demon-boy who grows up to work for the government in fighting paranormal weirdness. Fond of cats.
84. Aaron EckhartIrrepressible and unapologetic spokesman for Big Tobacco who wants to put smoking back where it belongs -- in the movies.
85. Kate Hudson'Band Aid' to the supergroups of the drug-fueled rock scene in the early '70s who just wants her little piece of fame to remember.
86. Anne HathawayRecently-released ex-drug addict about to crash her older sister's wedding like a family tornado.
87. Simon PeggBrit pub slacker whose life only really begins when the dead rise and he finds he's quite good at dispatching them.
88. noneA volleyball who serves as castaway Chuck Noland's only desert-island companion for four years.
89. Clint EastwoodGrouchy old racist haunted by his Korean War history but whose heart is gradually melted by the plight of his put-upon Hmong neighbors.
90. Frank LangellaDisgraced former President who thinks he can set the record straight and reclaim his dignity by manipulating gormless British TV talking head David Frost.
91. Trey Parker*Despotic population-starving totalitarian dictator rendered oddly sympathetic via puppetry, songs and contrast with Hollywood douchebags.
92. Michael StuhlbargJewish husband and father who can't understand how and why his marriage and career are coming apart at the seams when all he's ever tried to be is a serious man.
93. Seth RogenThe lovable loser-stoner who just happens to knock up the sexy up-and-coming E! reporter.
94. Helen MirrenReigning English monarch facing her annus horribilis in the wake of Princess Diana's death.
95. Chris PineThe young hot-headed Starfleet recruit who was literally born to battle -- and who has a lifelong score to settle with Romulan Nero.
96. Clive OwenFormer activist turned bureaucrat turned reluctant savior of mankind when his still radicalized ex-wife pays him to transport the only woman to get pregnant in 18 years.
97. Robert PattinsonAgeless, smouldery-sparkly reformed vampire with a taste for uplifting hair product and wooing lovesick teenage girls.
98. Gerard ButlerTough-as-granite leader of the 300 spartans who'll face down a million man Persian army in the Battle of Thermopylae.
99. Brad PittThe cowboy as proto A-list celebrity -- that he's a criminal just makes hearts beat faster, including that of the coward, who wants to bask in fame by assassination.
100. John Goodman*Monstropolis' mighty scare champ whose life is turned around when he takes possession of the creatures most feared foe -- a human child.

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