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Can you name the 50 greatest war films, according to TimeOut?

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RankFilmDirector (Year)
50.Quentin Tarantino (2009)
49.Ang Lee (1999)
48.Henry King (1949)
47.John Boorman (1968)
46.Noel Coward, David Lean (1942)
45.Allan Dwan (1949)
44.Grigori Chukhrai (1959)
43.John Huston (1951)
42.John Sturges (1963)
41.Aleksandr Sokurov (2005)
40.Peter Weir (2003)
39.Oliver Stone (1989)
38.René Clément (1952)
37.Howard Hawks (1943)
36.Andrey Tarkovskiy (1962)
35.William A. Wellman (1949)
34.Oliver Stone (1986)
33.Andrzej Wajda (1957)
32.Franklin J. Schaffner (1970)
31.Robert Aldrich (1956)
30.Paul Verhoeven (2006)
29.Robert Aldrich (1967)
28.Nagisa Ôshima (1983)
27.David Lean (1957)
26.Roberto Rossellini (1948)
RankFilmDirector (Year)
25.Peter Weir (1981)
24.Michael Cimino (1978)
23.Lewis Milestone (1930)
22.David O. Russell (1999)
21.Robert Rossellini (1946)
20.Sergio Leone (1971)
19.Samuel Fuller (1980)
18.Anthony Mann (1957)
17.Steven Spielberg (1998)
16.Brian De Palma (1989)
15.Wolfgang Peterson (1981)
14.Terrence Malick (1998)
13.Samuel Fuller (1951)
12.Kathryn Bigelow (2008)
11.Steven Spielberg (1987)
10.John Ford (1945)
9.Robert Altman (1970)
8.Howard Hawks (1941)
7.Jean-Pierre Melville (1969)
6.Elem Klimov (1985)
5.Paul Verhoeven (1997)
4.Stanley Kubrick (1987)
3.Jean Renoir (1937)
2.Francis Ford Coppola (1979)
1.Stanley Kubrick (1957)

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