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Great One
Its lesser avatars are all over the city 
Inhabits the nightmare, and drives all mad 
Great One created by the church's experiments 
The Daughter of the Cosmos 
The formless great one 
Grant us eyes! Grant us eyes! 
The stillborn Great One 
Protects the stillborn one 
The wizened orphan inhabiting the nightmare 
Was granted eyes and ascended to Great One status 
'These watchmen admonish those who have become addled with blood' 
Logarius' followers 
Corrupt hunters of blood who find dregs for their Queen of coldblood 
Led by Valtr, their mission is to help other hunters 
Possible Survivors
Prostitute who may be 'blessed' with child 
Jealous/crazed nun 
Cannibalistic, obviously evil beast-in-disguise 
Doesn't trust you or anyone; never believe him 
Doesn't trust you; uses sedatives to calm herself 
The city where the Hunt takes place 
The burnt old city where a disease began spreading 
Closed off district that houses the Healing Church 
Snake-infested forest 
The university where everything began 
The twisted, nightmarish home to the School of Mensis 
Nightmare world, created to nurture the stillborn one 
The dream created to help the hunters 
Queen Annalise's home, and Logarius' last stand 
Otherwordly school, somehow connected to the nightmares 
Nightmare created to punish the old hunters 
Church facility for human experimentation, trying to create a Great One 
Innsmouth-like village, home to a Great One's corpse 
Hunter Tools
A slug that launches shooting stars 
A defiled skull, thrown to launch curses at foe 
Partially summons a Great One and his tentacles 
Roars and pushes away everything, even projectiles 
An eye that shoots meteors? 
Rings a bell and heals your allies 
A Great One's familiar, adds arcane damage to weapons 
Gloves that invoke spirits to attack 
Summons a giant snake/jaw-thing under you 
Turns you into a messenger 
Human bone that emulates the Art of Quickening 
Small weapon that unleases lightning 
Given by Queen Annalise 
Found in Upper Cathedral Ward 
Given by Eileen 
Only DLC badge 
Defeat Gehrman 
Given by (or taken from) Djura 
Found in the Healing Church Workshop 
Found in the sewers 
Defeat Darkbeast Paarl 
Defeat Cleric Beast 
Given by (or taken from) Alfred 
Unlocks the old underground labyrinth, where the tomb of the gods rest 
Unlocks the peripheral catacombs to the old labyrinth 
Unlocks an ailing land that was tragically destroyed 
Unlocks the deeper reaches of the labyrinth, and allowed the church to contact a Great One 

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