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Can you name these famous persons favorite films?

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Dane Cook
John Hughes (1987) 
Irvin Kershner (1980) 
Martin Scorsese (1990) 
Christopher Nolan (2008) 
John Carpenter (1978) 
Elton John
Francis Ford Coppola (1974) 
Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1950) 
William Friedkin (1973) 
Mel Brooks (1974) 
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (2006) 
Ice Cube
Francis Ford Coppola (1972) 
John Landis (1983) 
Orson Welles (1941) 
George Lucas (1977) 
Steven Spielberg (1975) 
Joel Schumacher
Sergei Bondarchuk (1967)  
Billy Wilder (1944) 
Peter Greenaway (1989) 
Ridley Scott (1982) 
Francis Ford Coppola(1979) 
Judd Apatow
Hal Ashby (1973) 
James L. Brooks (1983) 
Hal Ashby (1979) 
Todd Solondz (1995) 
Sydney Pollack (1982) 
Megan Fox
Peter Jackson (2001-2003) 
Peter Hastings, Chris Sanders (2010)* 
Jennifer Yuh (2011)* 
Victor Fleming (1939) 
Steve Barron/Michael Pressman/Stuart Gillard (1990/1991/1993); popular reptilian heroes 
Morgan Freeman
Ernest B. Schoedsack, Merian C. Cooper (1933) 
Fred Zinnemann (1952) 
Baz Luhrmann (2001) 
Clint Eastwood (1976) 
John Huston (1956) 
Rob Zombie
Mel Stuart (1971) 
Mel Brooks (1974) 
Stanley Kubrick (1971) 
Martin Scorsese (1976) 
Tobe Hooper (1974) 
Russell Brand
David Lynch (1980) 
Milos Forman (1975) 
Terry Jones (1979) 
... just type in 'porn' 
Andy and Lana Wachowski (1999) 
Wes Anderson
Roman Polanski (1968) 
Stanley Kubrick (1971) 
Ernst Lubitsch (1932) 
Jean Renoir (1935) 
Mike Nichols (1966) 

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