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Can you name the reasons for an NBA official to blow his whistle (what the refs say)?

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Beginning of the GameEither or both of the men jumping for a tip-off jumps too early or hold back the other player from reaching the ball
TimePrimary clock hits zero (usually blown when a player is attempting a shot or is about to attempt a shot)
TimeSecondary clock reaches zero; the ball is still in a player's hands, OR the ball is shot and does not hit the rim, OR the ball is loose on the ground
TimePlayer(es) or Coach(es) calls for a stoppage in play
Live BallBall or player is outside (or is considered outside) the playing dimensions, OR a missed shot goes over the backboard
Live BallPlayer with the ball is in the front court and moves with the ball into the back court, OR touches a ball that has moved from the front court to the back court that was last touched by a teammate
Live BallBall does not cross into the front court after inbounding the ball in the back court
Live BallPlayer stops his dribble and then dribbles again
Live BallBallhandler delays his dribble with his hand under the ball OR does not perform a smooth dribbling motion
Live BallPlayer takes an extra step after his pivot step before he dribbles or begins dribbling, OR takes an extra step after performing his allocated two stesps or a hop step, OR player's feet leave the ground the ball and comes down the with ball
Live BallIllegal Defense; defender(s) is(are) not at 'arms length' of their man
Live BallOffensive player(s) without the ball spend 3 'judgemental' seconds inside the key
Live BallDefensive player prevents a pass by sticking out his leg or foot
Live BallDefensive player prevent a shot that is on the way down from going in the basket, OR blocks a lay-up that has hit the backboard
Live BallA player on both teams are fighting for possesion of the ball, OR a defensive player blocks a shot or lay-up attempt by an opposing player but both keep their hands on the ball, with neither losing possesion
Live BallOffensive player hangs on the rim after a dunk for unnecessary reasons, OR players intentionally push the ball away from the other team's players after scoring a basket
Dead BallRight before the referee hands the ball to the inbounder, he...
Dead BallPlayer inbounding the ball does not inbound the ball after the fifth arm stroke (the fifth 'second') of the referee watching the inbound pass
Dead BallPlayer inbounding the ball steps over the sideline/end line when inbounding the ball
Dead BallPlayer inbounding the ball moves along the endline when a basket has not been scored
Free ThrowOffensive Player(s) enter the paint before the release of the free throw, OR the free throw shooter takes the free throw with his foot over the free throw line, OR he crosses the free throw line before the ball touches the rim
Free ThrowDefensive Player(s) enter the paint before the release of the free throw, or Defensive Player(s) outside the 3 point line cross the 3 point line before the release of the free throw
FoulDefender makes contact with the arm or any part of the body when attempting to steal the ball
FoulDefender fails to legally block the path of an offensive player dribbling the ball
FoulDefensive player makes contact with a player who is in a shooting motion
FoulDefender succesfully and legally blocks the path of an offensive player dribbling the ball, OR an offensive player illegally gains position on a player guarding him
FoulOffensive player illegally blocks the way of a defensive player guarding someone else
FoulHard Foul
FoulFoul on an offensive and defensive player
Foul (live or dead ball)Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Verbal Abuse of an official
FoulDefensive player wraps up or holds onto the ball handler or an offensive player with intention of stopping the clock or for strategic purposes
FoulAn offensive player in a '1 on 0 ' situation is fouled from behind
RandomFan or Object interferes with play. Referee will whistle to/for a...

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