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Legendary Sword of Prince Tyrion
Prophet of the Serpent God
The First Vampire
Personal Bodyguard of Settra
Daemon Princess of Khorne
Tzarina of Kislev
Supreme Patriarch of Colleges of Magic
Lord of Athel Loren
Legendary Dragon Ogre Shaggoth
Orc Boss of the Ironclaw Tribe
Pirate King of the Vampire Coast
Warden of Tor Yvresse
Fat Goblin Lord of Misty Mountains
Greatest Beastlord Ever, Killed by Mikael of Hochland
The Second Phoenix King
Pirate Captain Formerly Known as Nyklaus con Carstein
Mad Count of Averland
Grand Theogonist of the Cult of Sigmar
Duke of Bastonne
Lichemaster of the Vampire Counts
Birthplace of the Skaven Race
Ancestral Home of Belegar Ironhammer
Kingdom of the White Tower of Hoeth
Nehekharan Homeland of Vampires
Temple City of Lord Mazdamundi
Carries the Engine of the Gods (Unit)
Kislev Main Infantry (Unit)
Largest Tomb King Construct (Unit)
Bodyguards of Prince of Caledor (Unit)
Most Ancient Beastmen Monster (Unit)
Carnosaur Mount of Kroq-Gar (Unit)
Nehekharan Goddess of Beauty
Warrior God of the Dwarfs
Elven God of Smithing
Legendary Warhammer of Sigmar
Magical Maul of Queek Headtaker
Magical Staff of Morathi
Magical Gem on Alrielle's Crown
Name of The Reikland Runefang
Famed Steed of Prince Tyrion

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