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Apologize hit single American artist (feat. One Republic)
Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc.
Disney's Lion King's _______ and Pumbaa
Mr. Hutton, Bottoms, Dalton, Olyphant, and Spall
Asian island nation, _____-Leste
A device that preset minutes, hours, etc.
Shy, reserved
Shortened version of Mr. Dalton's name
Wood prepared for use in building and carpentry
Famous ancient city in Mali (still inhabited)
Lasting, enduring, classic
Graphic representation of the passage of hours, years, etc.
Chart showing the departure and arrival of trains, planes, etc.
Romania's third largest city
Drum-like latin musical instrument
N'Sync alumni, Justin __________
The New York or Los Angeles ______ (newspaper)
Wanted Russian director ______ Bekmambetov
American manufacturer and retailer of outdoor wear

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