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European country on the Iberian Peninsula
Room, capacity, area, volume
True hit single British band, _______ Ballet
Ancient Greek city-state
The second most widely spoken language in the world
Extent, length, reach
Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack _______
Contraction, convulsion, cramp
Undesired electronic mail, junk email
Gun dog such as Cocker, water, or Springer ______
Relating to room, capacity, area, or volume
Film about the Thracian gladiator starred by Kirk Douglas
Small fiery particle thrown off from a fire
Actors Timothy and Rafe _____
Male animals are neuter, females are...
A person from the non-Portuguese Iberia
Broad, flat, flexible blade used to spread
Extra, supplementary, additional
A mix of the languages spoken in Mexico and the U.S.
Shine brightly with flashes of light
Lose physical or emotional control (informal)
House of Cards American actor, Kevin....
Alive American actor Vincent _____
SNL alumni, David ______
Release or deposit eggs (of a fish or frog)
Blacklist American actor, James ______
Slap with one's open hand
Scant, scanty, scarse
Superheroes usually wear this kind of suit
Relating to or affected by muscle contraction
Roomy, sizable, large
Astronaut, cosmonaut
American sporting goods company
The Star-_________ Banner
Rocket ship or shuttle
Carrie American actress, Sissy _______
Italian noodles
Gentilic of the 300 in the eponymous Gerard Butler's film

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