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Can you name the words starting with son?

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Japanese multinational corporation, PlayStation's owner
Poem of fourteen lines
Bird that can produce a diverse and elaborate song
County, valley and city in California famous for its wineries
Tune, ditty, melody, track
Singer, vocalist, soloist
Imposingly deep and full sound; resonant
Brazilian actress, ______ Braga
Desert in Mexico and the United States or Mexican border state
American fast-food restaurant chain, _____ Drive-In
A person who writes songs for a living
A female singer, vocalist, or soloist
A system for the detection of objects under water
Film starred by Brigitte Nielsen, Red ______
American singer, producer, and politician, _____ Bono
Piece of music played as opposed to a cantata or Hyundai's car model
Visual image produced from an ultrasound examination
I Will Wait hit single British folk band, Mumford & _____

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