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QUIZ: Can you name the words starting with sea?

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Largest city in the state of Washington
Sailor, mariner
Each of the four divisions of the year
Marine coast of a sea or cities in California and Oregon
Film about a famous horse starred by Tobey Maguire
Mr. Penn, Connery, Austin, Bean, Hayes, or Hannity
A woman who earns her living by sewing
Large American retailer
An attempt to communicate with spirits
Emblem, pinniped, or Kiss from A Rose hit single artist
Gull, or rock band A Flock of _______s
Self-proclaimed principality off the coast of Suffolk, England
Spain's car manufacturing company
Harry Potter's character, _______ Finnigan
Shellfish and sea fish, served as food
Stitching, suture, join
Try to find something, seek
2013 Super Bowl's winner team's fan
Material used to make something airtight or watertight
A town or city with a harbor for seagoing ships
City and airport in Washington state
Sickness or nausea caused by the motion of a ship at sea
Area of sandy, stony, or rocky land bordering the sea
The bottom of the ocean/sea
Marine fish resembling a horse
Marine fish resembling a dragon
Salt, herbs, or spices added to food to enhance the flavor

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