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Can you name the words starting with Sam?

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Miss Fox, Mathis, Morton, Mumba, or Bee
Russia's sixth largest city and eponymous oblast
American luggage manufacturer and retailer company
Mr. Jackson, Beckett, Adams, or Bible prophet
Korean multinational electronics company (Galaxy)
Historical and biblical region in Palestine
R&B artist _______ Lee Bush Jr.
Mr. Hagar or Mr. Sosa
Identical, matching, alike
Biblical character famous for his strength, hair, and his Delilah
Japanese military nobility warrior
Oceania's island nation with Apia as its capital city
Most famous Brazilian musical genre and dance style
Italian anise-flavoured liqueur
University in Birmingham, Alabama; _______ University
Patronymic name meaning 'son of Samuel'
Frodo's loyal friend and companion, ________ Gamgee
Small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like
Cycle of death and rebirth in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism
Alternative spelling for the very strong biblical character's name
Uzbekistan's third largest city
Lake and city in King County, Washington; part of Seattle metro
Lack of variety; uniformity, monotony
Orange Is the New Black American actress, ______ Wiley
New Testament's 'Parable of the Good _________'
Electronic device for sampling music and sound
French for Saturday
SNL Alumni, Andy ________
American retired tennis player, Pete _______

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