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The capital of Italy in its native Italian
French-Polish Film director, ______ Polanski
One of the four official languages of Switzerland
Italy's capital city
______ & Juliet
Extraterrestrial species in the Star Trek universe
American football quarterback for the Cowboys, Tony _____
I Capture the Castle British actress, ______ Garai
Play roughly and energetically; frolic, prance
Representation of Japanese sounds using the Latin alphabet
European nation with Bucharest as its capital city
Everybody Loves Raymond American actor, Ray ______
________ and Remus or Star Trek's planet
Languages such as Spanish, French, and Italian
Ruling dynasty in Russia between 1613 and 1917
2012 Republican presidentail candidate, Mitt _______
Loving, amorous, passionate
Marvel's Black Widow's alter ego, Natasha __________
Conversion from a different writing system to Latin
Michael Douglas-Kathleen Turner's film ______ the Stone
European art/architecture between the 11th-13th century
Artistic/lliterary movement during the 18th and 19th century
A young child's one-piece outer garment
Lettuce variety with crips narrow leaves
Sissi trilogy German-French actress _____ Schneider
Actress/singer _____ Power (Tyrone Power's daughter)
Night of the Living Dead American director, George A. _____
A romantic comedy
City in East London (London Borough of Havering)
Language spoken in Transylvania and Wallachia
One of Black Widow's alter egos, Natasha ________

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