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Can you name the words starting with not?

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Idea, belief, conviction
Nada, zero, zilch
Degree, level, score, or achieve
A person who can legalized documents or deeds
Inform, tell, advice
City in England made famous by Robin Hood
Written message, memo, entry, or reminder
The act of informing someone of something
Infamy, dishonor, disrepute, discredit
Film starred by Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, _____ Hill
Remarkable, outstanding, important, significant
Pocket-size computer with a stylus for writing on the screen
Film starred by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, The....
Two weeks ______
Annotation, comment, footnote
Interesting, significant, important
Decorative card with a blank space for a short message
Italian for night
Biggie, Biggie Smalls, or The _________ B.I.G.
Act or process of taking notes
Evident, obvious, apparent
Oblivion, nullity
In spite of, despite, nevertheless

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