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Actresses _______ Griffith, Lynskey, and Laurent
Spanish city enclaved in Morocco
Type of cancer developed on the skin
Fruit family including watermelons and cantaloupes
Dramatic or literary work sensational in nature
Australia's second largest city
Tune, song, or Canadian actress ______ Anderson
Mrs. Gilbert, Sue Anderson, McCarthy, or Etheridge
One of the three Wise Men in the Gospel of Matthew
Jesus Christ's priesthood order or Salem's biblical king
The current first lady of the United States; ______ Trump
Thaw, liquify, defrost
Soft or semiliquid in consistency
Mel Brooks' given name
Moby Dick's author, Herman _______
Law &Order: SVU American actor, Christopher ______
Bill Gates' wife, ________ Gates
American TV show, ________ Place
2011 Lars von Trier sci-fi film starred by Kirsten Dunst
Feeling or expressing pensive sadness
Sub-region within Oceania
Warner Bros. American animated series, Merrie __________
Mixture, medly, assortment, blend
Tea tree oil
Hormone related to the circadian rhythm
Accident in a nuclear reactor
Deep sadness or gloom
Formal spelling for ameliorate
Overemotional, histrionic, sensational
Magnolia American actress, ______ Walters
Mountain Dew's rival, _____ Yello
Afable, amiable, good-natured, amicable
Diabetes _______
City in Zaporizhia Oblast 'gateway to Crimea,' Ukraine
Private university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Carnegie...

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