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Spain's capital city
Mrs. Tussaud, Bovary, or Butterfly
The 'Queen of pop'
African Island nation in the Indian Ocean
Spanish for mother as in Sierra _______
One of the 'Queen of Pop's' nicknames
Crazy lady or female
Done, produced, fabricated
Video gamed franchise _______ NFL or shoe brand, Steve...
Portuguese island and region with Funchal as its capital
Laura Palmer's cousin, also murdered, ______ Ferguson
Large city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu
Angelina and Brad's Vietnamese adopted son's name
Wisconsin's capital city
Actresses ________ Zima, Kahn, Smith, and Carroll
Variant spelling of the afore-alluded feminine name
Chennai's former name until 1996
One of the largest Indonesian islands off the coast of Java
Insanity, mayhem, craziness
Lunatic, maniac, or psychotic male
Renaissance and Baroque vocal musical composition
Insanely, deliriously
A mental institution, asylum
Chandelier music video American dancer, ______ Ziegler
City in the eponymous county in California
City in Tamaulipas, part of Tampico metro
Venezuela's current president, Nicolas _______
Tyler Perry's film franchise
Used to refer to a woman in a polite or respectful way
American TV host, Rachel ________
Traditional small cake from Lorraine, France or Mrs. Albright
Extremely annoying, infuriating
Actors Michael and Virginia _______
Doctor Stange Danish actor, _____ Mikkelsen
French for miss or popular women's magazine from 1931-2001

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