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QUIZ: Can you name the words starting with far?

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A person who owns land and cultivates it
Mockery, travesty, absurdity
Distant in space or time
A Guy Walks Into a Bar hit single country music artist Tyler...
Pass gas
Cities in New Mexico and Utah (San Juan and Davis Co)
Ticket price, cope, manage, or survive
Old MacDonald Had a _____ or insurer State _____
Italian for butterfly
Infamous Colombian guerrilla group
Midnight Run late American actor, Dennis ______
The father of modern chemotherapy, Sidney ______
City in Portugal or _____ de Moncloa, Madrid
Another term for Persian (language)
SNL Alumni and Tommy Boy's actor, Chris ______
Rosemary's Baby American actress, Mia ______
Comparative of far, commonly confused with further
English scientist known for his electromagnetic principles
Total Recall (remake) Irish actor, Colin ______
Goodbye, adieu, so long
Land used for cultivating and producing agricultural goods
North Dakota's largest city or Wells ______ Bank
American actresess Vera and Taissa ________

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