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Can you name the words starting with Don?

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A person who gives something (money, organs, etc.)
Mr. Sutherland, Glover, Pleasence, or ______ Duck
Gianni Versace's famous sister
Ukraine's fifth largest cities and eponymous oblast
Gift, present, contribution
Ass or popular video game franchise, _____ Kong
Irish surname as in The Black __________s
Famous Italian Renaissance sculptor from Florence
Finished, completed, over
Silly or foolish person, ding-_____
Mrs. Summer, Karan, Mills, or Reed
Actors Martin and Tate ________
Mr. Wahlberg, Brasco or cult film ______ Darko
Alternative spelling for doughnut
Give, contribute, pledge, bestow
American singer and actor, ______ Osmond
Goonies and Lethal Weapon series director, Richard...
China's seventh largest city (in Guangdong Province)
Contraction for do not
Mr. Phil _______ or Blair Witch Project actress Heather...
Patronymic surname meaning 'son of Donald'
Spanish for where
Basque name for San Sebastian, Spain
American actor, Vincent ....
Italian given and surname, Donatello's real name
The Obscene Bird of the Night Chilean writer, Jose...

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