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Can you name the words starting with bat?

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_____ Motel or Misery actress, Kathy _____
The Dark Knight
Large worldwide shoe manufacturer
Horrible Bosses American actor, Jason....
Jakarta's name until 1942
Wash by immersing one's body in water
Combat zone, arena of war
Louisiana's capital city, ______ Rouge
Australia's oldest inland city in New South Wales
Wash, soak (of a person) or city in Somerset, England
Georgia's second largest city (the country)
DC superhero last played by Alicia Silverstone
Sustained fight between large, organized armed forces
Dave Bautista's ring name
Cell, a crime, or park in New York City (Manhattan)
Hasbro famous board game made into a film
English/Scottish surname; it rimes with bachelor
The Dark Knight's prefered method of transportation
Restoom, lavatory, toilet room
The woman Bible's King David fell for
Regiment, brigade, squadron
Sponge cake covered in marzipan with a 2x2 check pattern
The piece of ground on which a skirmish is or was fought
Large city and province in Luzon, Philippines
Crazy, insane (informal)
Sci-Fi Channel TV show, _________ Galactica
Region/line along which opposing armies engage in combat

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