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Can you name the words that start with the word and?

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European micro state between France and Spain
Mr. Warhol, Samberg, Gibb, or Murray
American actress, _____ McDowell
iPhone's greatest OS rival
Mr. Jackson, Garfield, McCarthy, or Carnegie
Island of the Bahamas and the Greek Cyclades
Blind Italian classical crossover tenor, ______ Bocelli
_____ the Giant or Mr. Agassi
Famous Californian fault line; San ________
Caribbean island part of Colombia; San ______
The longest mountain range in the world
Southern Spain autonomous community
The galaxy, the wife of Perseus or The _________ Strain
Sea and archipelago in Southeast Asia
Miss Pamela, Mr. Cooper, or Richard Dean...
Danish author Hans Christian ___________
Testosterone is the primary and most well-known...
Spanish for hurry! come on! let's go!
Abnormal and persistent fear of men
Hermaphrodite; partly male and partly female
Shakespeare's tragedy, Titus ___________
Bond Girl swiss actress, Ursula ________

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