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Can you name the words starting with Ale?

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Egypt's second largest city
American actor _____ Baldwin
Syria's largest city
Actor ______ Arquette or actress ______ Bledel
__________ the Great or Graham Bell
Vigilant, watchful, or Amber _____
Iconic port city in Norway
Dominican former baseball player _____ Rodriguez
San Andreas American actress, _________ Daddario
Indigenous people of Unalaska Island
Spanish version or Miss Daddario's name
Cuban writer, _____ Carpentier
Alaskan island chain belonging to the U.S. and Russia
Sudanese-British fashion model, ____ Wek
Amazon's smart speaker also called Echo
Mr. Sanz, Jodorowsky, or Fernandez
Jurassic Park lll American actor, _________ Nivola
Victoria Secret's Brazilian model, _________ Ambrosio

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