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Can you name the country (or American State) in which the world's second largest with the given city name is located?

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1st CityCountry2nd City
Vancouver (Canada)172,860 (Washington)
Hamilton (Canada)188,400 (North Island)
Victoria (Canada)26,450 (Mahe)
Halifax (Canada)82,056 (England)
Richmond (United States)190,473 (British Columbia)
Burlington (Canada)50,042 (North Carolina)
Cambridge (Canada)123,900 (England)
St. John's (Canada)81,799 (Antigua)
Kingston (Jamaica)123,363 (Ontario)
London (United Kingdom)366,151 (Ontario)
Waterloo (Canada)68,406 (Iowa)
Los Angeles (United States)186,671 (Bio-Bio)
San Antonio (United States)87,675 (Valparaiso)
San Jose (United States)288,054 (San Jose)
San Francisco (United States)70,986 (Mindanao)
Portland (Oregon)66,881 (Eastern)
Long Beach (California)33,275 (Eastern)
Aurora (Colorado)200,661 (Central)
Santa Ana (United States)245,421 (Santa Ana)
Newark (New Jersey)44,733 (Pacific)
Toledo (United States)170,335 (Cebu)
Lincoln (United States) 119,541 (England)
St. Petersburg (Russia)253,693 (Florida)
Durham (United States)48,096 (England)
Madison (Wisconsin)46,450 (Central)
Birmingham (United Kingdom)212,461 (Alabama)
Rochester (New York)112,225 (Central)
Fayetteville (North Carolina)127,657 (Central)
Glendale (Arizona)200,167 (Pacific)
Columbus (Ohio)200,579 (Eastern)
Augusta (United States)34,539 (Sicily)
Worcester (United States)101,328 (England)
Peoria (Arizona)115,070 (Central)
Santa Rosa (Philippines)174,170 (California)
Jackson (Mississippi)67,685 (Central)
Springfield (Missouri)153,703 (Eastern)
Salem (India)164,546 (Oregon)
Lancaster (United States)141,277 (England)
Pasadena (Texas)139,731 (Pacific)
Alexandria (Egypt)153,511 (Virginia)
Kansas City (Missouri)151,306 (Central)
Syracuse (United States)123,408 (Sicily)
Santa Clara (Cuba)126,215 (California)
Athens (Greece)122,604 (Georgia)
Columbia (South Carolina)119,108 (Central)
Odessa (Ukraine)118,968 (Texas)
Wilmington (North Carolina)71,525 (Eastern)
Westminster (United Kingdom)113,130 (Colorado)
Manchester (United Kingdom)110,229 (New Hampshire)
San Juan (Puerto Rico)453,778 (San Juan)
Albany (New York)51,583 (Pacific)
Duluth (Minnesota)26,600 (Eastern)
Niagara Falls (Canada)49,468 (New York)
1st CityCountry2nd City
Parma (Italy)81,601 (Ohio)
Portsmouth (United Kingdom)95,535 (Virginia)
Reading (United Kingdom)89,893 (Pennsylvania)
Guadalajara (Mexico)104,803 (Castile-La Mancha)
Leon (Mexico)210,615 (Leon)
Merida (Mexico)204,879 (Merida)
La Paz (Bolivia)215,178 (Baja California Sur)
Salamanca (Mexico)213,300 (Castile and Leon)
Zamora (Mexico)66,293 (Castile and Leon)
Cordoba (Argentina)330,453 (Andalusia)
Guadalupe (Nuevo Leon)124,623 (Zacatecas)
Miramar (United States)118,614 (Tamaulipas)
Manzanillo (Cuba)110,728 (Colima)
Panama City (Panama)36,484 (Florida)
Granada (Spain)123,697 (Granada)
San Cristobal (Venezuela)209,165 (San Cristobal)
Cartagena (Colombia)216,451 (Murcia)
Barcelona (Spain)620,555 (Anzoategui)
Valencia (Venezuela)809,267 (Valencia)
Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)270,875 (Santo Domingo)
Jaen (Spain)93,631 (Jaen)
Santa Fe (Argentina)67,947 (New Mexico)
Valparaiso (Chile)32,014 (Indiana)
Santiago (Chile)134,830 (Luzon)
Plymouth (United Kingdom)75,907 (Minnesota)
Bristol (United Kingdom)60,447 (Connecticut)
Dublin (Ireland)57,349 (California)
Chesterfield (United Kingdom) 47,749 (Missouri)
York (United Kingdom)43,550 (Pennsylvania)
Coventry (United Kingdom)35,014 (Rhode Island)
Northampton (United Kingdom)28,592 (Massachusetts)
Florence (Italy)40,059 (Alabama)
Rome (Italy)36,303 (Georgia)
Paris (France)25,171 (Texas)
Moscow (Russia)24,499 (Idaho)
Seville/Sevilla (Spain)60,872 (Valle del Cauca)
Madrid (Spain)77,627 (Cundinamarca)
Pamplona (Spain)53,147 (Norte de Santander)
Cadiz (Philippines)123,948 (Andalusia)
Brest (Belarus)142,097 (Brittany)
Saint Paul (United States)104,646 (Reunion)
Naples (Italy)20,600 (Florida)
Newcastle (South Africa)308,308 (New South Wales)
Hobart (Australia)29,059 (Indiana)
Arad (Romania)24,229 (Southern)
Tripoli (Libya)227,857 (North)
Georgetown (Guyana)54,948 (Texas)
Melbourne (Australia)77,508 (Florida)
Wellington (New Zealand)61,485 (Florida)
Lima (Peru)38,771 (Ohio)
Monrovia (Liberia)37,101 (California)
Dunedin (New Zealand)35,321 (Florida)
Medina (Saudi Arabia)26,678 (Ohio)

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