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Can you name the nouns found within the American countries'names?

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Metal container used in drink and food products
DR's beach resort town, Punta...
Component, element, or measure
Mr. Danson, Sullivan or ____ Talks
Miss de la Reguera or de Armas (actresses)
Mr. Donovan (actor)
Short for Malcolm or Spanish for Bad
Alternative spelling for Emma
Elizabeth Taylor's nickname
Price, value
City and eponymous region in southern Peru
Actor, ____ Mineo or Spanish for salt
Spanish for water
____'s Labyrinth
A baby bear
Mr. Cooper, Purcell, or West
_____ skirt or Austin Powers' _____ Me
People, population
Spanish for two
Rod, pole, or counter
Small insect
Colloquial term for father
Little Women actress _____ Alvarado
Sac, purse
Nikita's and Lucy's french director, ____ Besson
Emergency or first aid....
The smallest currency in the U.S.
Film starred by Kim Basinger and Jeff Bridges
_____ & Cheese sandwich
Hostel American director, ____ Roth
Short for Nicholas or Dominic
Piece of fabric used for cleaning
Tavern, bar
Spike, sprong
Male, dude
Spanish for South
Designation, title
Worn by women to support the breasts
Mrs. Turner (singer/actress)
Short for gentleman
Mrs. Newton-John, Wilde, and Hussey
Italian and Spanish for road
Buddy, male friend, or a Budwiser
Informal for night
Condition, shape, situation
Fame actress, Irene... or Spanish for face
Popular American tomato sauce brand
Informal for Vietnam (in the war context)
Short for representative
Mr. Vaughn (actor)
Miss Tyler (actress)
The Wizard of Oz metalic friend, the ____Man

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