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Can you name the places that are north or northern?

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North ______Asian nation
North _________U.S. state
North ________Continent
North _______U.S. state
North ________Former nation (unified in 1975)
North ______Former nation (unified in 1990)
North ______Auckland's location within New Zealand
North _____Point where the Earth's axis of rotation intersects its surface
North ____________Famous neighborhood in Los Angeles
North _______City in Nebraska
North ______Surfers' paradise in Oahu
North ____Body of water between the UK, Norway, and Germany
North ________One of the provinces of the Netherlands
North ____________/Northern ___________The top half of the globe
North _______/Northern ______Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya
Northern _______The UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Iceland
North-_______City in England
_____ _______ do NorteBrazilian state
North ____ ______City in Nevada
North ___________City within the Charleston metro area, SC
North __________ ______City within the Dallas metro area
North _______ _____City in the Little Rock metro area, Arkansas
North _______City in the Miami metro area
North _____City in Florida
North-________ ______ ______/The North-______Oregon, Washington, Idaho
North ______ ___________German state
North _______ ______Russian republic
Northern __________Australian administrative division
North _______One of the provinces of the Netherlands
North-______ ____________Canadian administrative division
Norte ________Natural region of Chile (Big North)
Northern _______Region of Norway
Northern _______Yukon, Nunavut
Northern _______/North ________Region of England
Northern _____Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Liguria, etc.
Northern __________NorCal
North ______Climbing route For Mt. Everest, Grand Teton, Fairview Dome, and Eiger
Northern _______One of the UK's countries

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