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Can you name the most successful movies at the domestic Box Office by letter?

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Letter/Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
#-2006/Gerard Butler210.6
A-2009/Sam Worthington760.5
B-2009/Sandra Bullock255.9
C-2013/Jennifer Lawrence424.7
D-2008/Christian Bale534.9
E-1982/Drew Barrymore435.1
F-2013/Kristen Bell (voice)400.7
G-2014/Chris Pratt333.2
H-2012/Jennifer Lawrence408.0
I-2013/Robert Downey Jr.409.0
J-2015/Chris Pratt652.3
K-2005/Naomi Watts218.1
L-1994/Matthew Broderick (voice)422.8
M-2015/Sandra Bullock (voice)336.0
Letter/Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
N-2006/Ben Stiller250.9
O-2013/James Franco234.9
P-2006/Johnny Depp423.3
Q-2008/Daniel Craig168.4
R-1983/Mark Hamill309.3
S-2015/Oscar Isaac858.5*
T-1997/Leonardo DiCaprio658.7
U-2009/Ed Asner (voice)293.0
V-2012/Rachel McAdams125.0
W-2005/Tom Cruise234.3
X-2006/Hugh Jackman234.4
Y-1998/Tom Hanks115.8
Z-2012/Jessica Chastain95.7

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