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Can you name the U.S. currency missing?

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_______ DreadfulTV show
I feel like a million ______Expression
______backRock band
For a Few ______ MoreMovie
Take a ______, give a _______Expression
_____ teethExpression
The Six Million ______ ManTV show
A ______ for your thoughtsExpression
French _______Place
_____ nakedExpression
March of ______Race
The Million ______ HotelMovie
_____odeonTV channel
_____ HenryActor
______ MarshallActress/Director
______ CutsBarbeshop
The _____eye StateNickname
______ whistleInstrument
Another day, another ______Expression
_______ gallonMeasurement
_____cherryRock band
_____ EdwardsActress
______ TreeStore
_____ TaylorActor
It ( ______wise the Dancing Clown)Movie character
_____ JonesActor
_____ Rent A Car Business
Eve Money______Movie character
_______ PounderHamburger
______ GeneralStore
_____ knifeTool
______ Johnson JeraldActress
_______masterMilitary rank
Millon ______ BabyMovie
_____ LeonardBaseball player
A _____ a dozenExpression
______ SingletonActress
As queer as a three ______ billExpression
50 _____Artist
_______ QuellHunger Games
_____ feverState of mind
______ LaneDirector/Song
Five ______ FootlongSandwich
_____ novelCheap novel
______ stockCheap stock
_____ wildExpression
In for a _____, in for a ______Expression
______ pincherAdjective (informal)
A ______ waitin' on a ______Expression
_______ HorseBreed
_____ Rogers in the 25th CenturyTV show
A _____ holding up a _______Expression
Silver _____Coin
______royalHerbal plant
_____ upExpression
______ finalsEvent
______ Shave ClubBusiness
A Fistful of ______Movie
____ OwensArtist
The _______ TrilogyMovies
Family ______Store
Star_____Coffee shop

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