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Can you name the countries to which the given group of islands are part of?

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Galapagos Islands
Andaman Islands
Marshall Islands
Kuril Islands
Northern Mariana Islands
Falkland Islands
Nicobar Islands
British Virgin Islands
Solomon Islands
Aleutian Islands
Greater Sunda Islands
Kerguelen Islands
Hermite Islands
Canary Islands
Marquesas Islands
South Sandwich Islands
Lesser Sunda Islands
Crozet Islands
Balearic Islands
Prince Edward Islands
Leeward Islands
Mascarene Islands
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Ionian Islands
Faroe Islands
Windward Islands
Diego Ramirez Islands
Channel Islands
Aegean Islands
Society Islands
Maluku Islands
Frisian Islands
Hawaiian Islands
Samoan Islands
Queen Elizabeth Islands
San Juan Islands
Shetland Islands
U.S. Virgin Islands
Gilbert Islands
Desventuradas Islands
Bonin Islands
Cook Islands
Phoenix Islands

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