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Can you name the words ending in Via?

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European country with Riga as its capital city
Psychoactive plant that can induce visions
Non essential information and facts
By going through, by way of, by means of
Brand of probiotic yogurt made by Dannon
The Help American actress __________ Spencer
South American country with La Paz as one of its capital cities
Jakarta's former name name after a historical region now in modern Netherlands
Historical and geographical region of Northern Europe
Liberia's capital city
Defunct financial services company now owned by Wells Fargo
Fictitious country featured in The Princess Diaries films
One of Chile's conquistadors and southern city ravaged by the strongest earthquake ever recorded
Capital city of the French overseas collectivity St. Barthelemy
Name of famous ladies such as Wilde, Newton-John, and Hussey
Russian republic with Saransk as its capital city
American poet _______ Plath
Latin version of the name of the afore mentioned American poet
Spain's World Heritage City famous for its Alcazar and Roman aqueduct
American sports shoe company based in Portland, Oregon
Sony televisions brand
Former European nation now seven different countries

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