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Can you name the word ending in Tin?

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Herge's famous cartoon The Adventures of...
Saint Valentine in Spanish
Chemical element with Sn as its symbol
Famous WWI french rescued dog turned actor...
Quick translucent dessert; Jell-O
White powder used to give consistency to homemade jam
A short official statement or broadcast summary of news
Key structural component of hair and nails
______ Luther King Jr.
Base language for Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese & Romanian
Wavy soft fabric usually found in women's lingerie and bedsheets
American director _______ Tarantino
Spanish version of the aforementioned director's name
San ______ de Laredo Historic District, Laredo, Texas
Texas' capital city
Pharrell's 2003 hit single featuring Jay-Z
City in Orange County, California
SNL's actress/comedian Jane...
French Catholic Church's 6th century saint; St._____
Rain Man American actor ______ Hoffman
Mr. Timberlake, Mr. Bateman, or Mr. Bieber
Russian peasant and mystical healer friend of Nicholas II the last Tsar
Current Russian president Vladimir...
German film production/distribution company
French peninsula also known as Cherbourg Peninsula
Large American chain of hotels
Popular brand of over-the-counter allergy medicine
City in Portland metro, Oregon
City in Sumner County, Tennessee

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