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Can you name the words ending in Tel?

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Slumdog Millionaire British actor Dev...
Eli Roth horror slasher movie series or rent-a-bed accommodation
Swiss city, canton, and lake
Santiago's telecommunications tower; Torre...
Psycho's infamous accommodation; ______ Bates
The Hyatt, Hilton, or Waldorf Astoria
French global telecommunications equipment company, ________-Lucent
Japanese pens and markers manufacturing company
A table cloth or _______piece
American largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips
Chef Francois _____ biopic starred by Gerard Depardieu
One of the world largest toys manufacturing companies
Colors of low saturation
A type of grape, wine, and raisin
Infamous drug dealing groups such as ______ de Medellin, and _______ de Cali
Common name for the honey badger
Short for telephone number
Brothers Grimm's Hansel and _______
12 Years a Slave British actor, ______ Ejiofor

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