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The devil's name
Greek second order of deities and one of Saturn's moons
Asian country with Islamabad as its capital city
Round Table knight from ________ & Isolde
Alternative spelling for Jonathan
Asian country with Kabul as its capital city
A pattern of clothing usually associated with Scotland
A person with knowledge about things from different places and a women' magazine
Someone who propagates lies or misleading information
Asian country with Tashkent as its capital city
Main New York's borough and island
Color of that of a pale shade of brown
The title of a ruler in the Arabic speaking world
Mostly Asian country with Astana as its capital city
One of the great apes species native to Asia
The designation of an area much larger around a proper city
Asian country with Bishkek as its capital city
Group of protestants from England in the 16th and 17th centuries
The Bible's famous parable of the Good ___________
Asian country with Dushanbe as its capital city
Russian republic with Kazan as its capital city
A citizen of the famous Greek city-state where the 300 came from
Asian country with Ashgabat as its capital city
The devil in Arabic and film with Vincent Cassel
Natural tanning from the exposure to sunlight
A variant of a robe or tunic used in Eurasia
Baroque Spanish painter Juan Sanchez __________
Of or relating to insects
Fictional oil company featured in many Lego sets
Malaria fever that recurs every third day
Tree and fruit native to Southeast Asia similar to the lychee and the longan
An officer in charge of the Sacristy
A fever that reoccurs every sixth day
Another spelling for devil in Islam
Asian country with Thimphu as its capital city
Region from which the Kurds or Kurdish people originates
Russian republic with Ufa as its capital city
NATO in Spanish, French, and Portuguese
Native American tribe in North Carolina who were a branch of the Roanoke people
Ice cream of tree color named after the city of Naples
The geographic northern part of india and sometimes used to refer to the entire nation
SNL's comedian Chris _________
Famous Mexican peninsula home of the Mayan civilization
Caribbean island part of Honduras' Bay Islands
Capital city of the Pahang State, Malaysia
Pakistan fifth largest city also known as 'City of Saints'
Prefecture-level city in the Hunan Province, China
Never Been Kissed American actor Michael __________
Volkswagen's seven-seat minivan
Sioux language an a native of North and South Dakota
Marvel Comics creator ____ Lee

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