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Can you name the words ending in Sel?

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Italian apparel company or actor Vin...
Brothers Grimm's _______ & Gretel
Switzerland's third largest city
A persecuted maiden; a ______ in distress
A merry-go-round or the device from where luggage is collected at the airport
A ship or large boat
Black Swan French actor Vincent...
Sparkling type of garland material used for Christmas decoration
Decorative element found in curtains and graduation caps
American-Romanian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie...
A long-bladed hand tool usually struck with a hammer
The Fault in Our Stars American actor _____ Elgort
A small piece or amount of food, a mouthful
To advise in a formal setting
Alcohol made of a mixture of several alcohols; potato oil
Common name for many types of clams
Norwegian soprano pop and folk singer famous for her Christmas albums
Small mammal related to the ferret and mink

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