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Can you name the words ending in Sco?

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Sabado Gigante famous Chilean TV host Don ___________
City in Texas, and nickname of the Bay Area main city
Famous technique of mural painting
The 70's flamboyant music style
Alternative spelling for Damascus, and apricot in Spanish
American multinational technology company
City famous for its Golden Gate Bridge
Strong transparent spirit native to Chile and Peru
American company marketer and distributor of foodservice products
A complete and utter failure
City in Washington and city in Peru; Cerro de ________
The A Team B.A. Baracus given name
The Basque Country in Spanish; Pais _______
Best selling Spanish novelist and politician Vicente ________ Ibanez
Most popular brand of shortening in the United States
Spanish footballer for the Real Madrid Francisco Alarcon's nickname
Treaty signed between the republics of Mexico and Texas in 1836
American chain of pharmacies and grocery stores Jewel ______
Correct spelling of the Peruvian city that serves as a gateway to Machu Picchu
Mexican state with Guadalajara as its capital city
Alternative spelling for Roscoe
Mexican state with Villahermosa as its capital city and popular brand of spicy sauce
American film starred by Johnny Depp Donnie ________
American company which produces the Oreo cookies
Mexican state with Guadalajara as its capital city

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