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France's capital city
Hollywood's Golden Era actress/singer _____ Day
Spanish cubist painter/sculptor and Picasso's contemporary Juan...
Thin circular structure in the eye controlling the size of the pupil
Santa Claus' alter ego ____ Kringle
Small sensitive an erectile part of the female genitals
American larges cigarettes manufacturer Philip...
Small nocturnal primates of India, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia
Raising Hope American actress ______ Leachman
Mr. Becker, Mr. Yeltsin, or Mr. Karloff
Scattered fragments of something wrecked or destroyed
Women's pants that usually go jus below the knee
Proper term for the barberry
American manufacturer of snowmobiles/ATV's or the North Star
George Clooney's 2002 Sci-Fi film directed by Steven Soderbergh
Scary Movie American actress Anna _____
_____ Bueller's Day Off
All-time popular Russian tile-matching video game
Toyota's subcompact car
Mesopotamian river that runs through Baghdad
Puss in Boots American actress Amy...
Egyptian god of the afterlife, underworld, and dead
Swiss luxury watch manufacturer
Fast & Furious American rapper/actor Chris Bridges' stage name; ...
American actor/comedian Neil Patrick...
Mr. Evans, Mr. Pine, Mr. Hemsworth, or Mr. Pratt

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