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Can you name the words ending in Rio?

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River in Spanish or ____ de Janeiro
US/Canada Lake and Canadian province
American actress _________ Dawson
Nintendo's video games Italian brother
Neighborhood in Spanish
Italian Nobel Prize laureate _____ Fo or Nicaraguan poet Ruben ______
Very popular donut-shape American brand of cereal
American chain of Italian food restaurants
A group of three
Worst case......
A man who behaves irresponsibly in his sexual relationships with women
Cold in Spanish
Spanish breed of dog; Perro de Presa _______ (Canarian catch dog)
One of the Giorgio Armani brands; _________ Armani
Brazilian legendary footballer along with Pele and Ronaldo
Gregory in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese
Jose Zorrilla's masterpiece Don Juan ________
Cuba's tenth largest city
2015 film starred by Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro
Titanic's American actor, Leonardo...

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