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Most widely used headache, pain, or fever medicine
The language with the most speakers in the world
San Quentin Prison is found within this Californian county
Italy's fourth largest city host of the Winter Olympics 2006
City in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state, Germany
Fictional language devised by J.R.R. Tolkien
Famous underdog legal clerk _____ Brockovich
Aquaman's most notable alias
American astronaut Buzz ________
Low-molecular-weight carbohydrates produced by the hydrolysis of starch
Gold coins originated in Florence in the 11th century
To smile broadly and with an open mouth
The proper name for nitro
Lord of the Rings' Pippin actual name _______ Took
Colorless, odorless liquid used as a chemical weapon
Squirrel-size New World monkeys characterized by a mustache
Assembly of 23 to 71 men appointed in every city in the Biblical Land of Israel
Artificial sweetener with no food energy
Another name for glycerol
Venezuelan city capital of the state of Monagas
Parker Lewis actor _____ Nemec
Winston Churchill's pseudonym, Charles...
Argentine pianist and composer Lalo....

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