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Can you name the words that end in Pus?

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University facilities, grounds, etc.
Sea creature with eight arms
Component of the human brain and other vertebrates
Yellow secretion from infected wounds
Mythical Greek king of Thebes; _______ Complex
One of Zeus sons; _______ Dei
The intermediate part of the human hand skeleton
Australian endemic mammal
Small extinct type of horse
Strait in Greece and South and Southeast Asian butterfly
Another name for orcas and hellbender salamanders
Plural for polyp
City in Texas______ Christi
Talking knots in the Andean South America
Proper term for a clawed frog
Legendary cat-like creature of the Cherokee Mythology
Part that connects the hand to the forearm
Greek mathematician of Alexandria
Systemic autoimmune disease; SLE
Nutria or river rat
A recreation room
The Simpsons' mixed animal which is uncomfortable in water and land
Java Man; Homo
Home of the Greek Gods, Mount _________

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