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QUIZ: Can you name the words ending in nth?

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28, 29, 30, or 31 days of the year
_____ Day Adventist
Alternative spelling for Absinthe
Amendment known as prohibition; the _______ Amendment
Ancient Greek city to which citizens Paul sent two letters
Part of the Bills of Rights that expresses the principle of federalism; _____ Amendment
Amendment which deals with state's sovereign immunity
1999 film starred by Craig Bierko and Gretchen Mol; The ______ Floor
Citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws amendment
Amendment which allows male citizens of any color to vote
Amendment that allows congress to levy an income tax
Popular election of senators amendment
Amendment that allows females to vote
1999 Johnny Depp's thriller film; The ____ Gate
A purple type color or small flower with red, green, or purple tint
Flower and Greek hero also known as Hyacinthus
Fruit similar to the watermelon known as bitter apple/cucumber
Parasitic worms often referred as intestinal worms
A heavy base supporting a statue or vase
Short for synthesizer

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